Nicklas meets Tina

Nicklas is on his way to a sex party, and now he stands in front of the door in the hallway. “ParTy 💎” it said on Grindr.

He is nervous but excited as he knocks on the door. A handsome guy opens the door and lets Nicklas in. 


The first thing that strikes Nicklas is how chic everything is. The apartment is nice, people look good, the atmosphere is great. Most guys are just walking around in speedos or jockstraps.

Some are having sex in the bedroom. A mix of great music and porn comes from the speakers around the apartment. The atmosphere is good, sexy. But he feels a bit insecure. Does he fit in? 

He moves around the apartment, a bit searching, and goes towards the kitchen where the drinks are. He feels a bit out of himself but thinks a drink is a good place to start. 

A dark-haired guy shirtless in the kitchen smiles at Nicklas. “Just arrived? Take off your clothes, make yourself comfortable,” he says and winks. Nicklas does as the guy says and throws most of his clothes on a chair next to him. 

The guy extends a glass pipe towards Nicklas, and Nicklas takes it hesitantly. “What is it?” he asks, “I don’t really do drugs.” 

“Totally okay,” smiles the dark-haired guy. “But, you know, it’s just Tina. It’s cool.” 

Nicklas hesitates but ends up thinking, “Why not?” It seems like everyone is trying the pipe. And as the guy said, “It’s just Tina.” 

He quickly feels the pipe’s effect. He floats along. The restlessness and insecurity disappear. He no longer feels out of himself; he is completely present. Together with the others. For many hours. 

But the next day, he has a hangover. Many hangovers. They feel particularly bad. Is it because of Tina?

The hangovers are both in the body and in the thoughts. He knows he has done something new. He has tried drugs, even though it wasn’t part of his plan. The boundary just disappeared.

But even though it was great at the moment, he has a feeling that his boundaries have been crossed. He just can’t quite put a finger on how. At the same time, he can feel that he wants more. Everything just worked. He worked. The sex was amazing. 

And is it really that bad? It was just one pipe, and it was just Tina. Everyone knows Tina. 

Nicklas starts smoking Tina – or Crystal Meth, as it’s actually called – every time he has sex. He loves the feeling while he’s high, and he can have sex with many, for a long time, for several days.

But Nicklas is less happy about the darkness that comes over him in the days after he has smoked. After a while, Nicklas begins to realize that he needs help to make everyday life work and to disconnect drugs from sex. He needs help. 

The help Nicklas needs is available at Checkpoint. Do you also need help? Then send your number here, and we will contact you as soon as possible: 

The story of Nicklas is fictional; Nicklas is not a real person, but he could be. Like Nicklas, many people try the seemingly innocent Tina, also known as Crystal Meth, and struggle with the consequences. If you are one of them, you are certainly not alone.

In AIDS-Fondet’s Specialized Counseling, we understand all the issues that chemsex can involve. We have many years of knowledge and experience with drugs and sex, and the combination of the two – and we are here to talk to you, completely without judgment.