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How we work

AIDS-Fondet works with local and global organizations to end AIDS – from the ground up and from the top down. We work in partnership with grass root organisations as well as global advocates to end AIDS by 2030.

AIDS-Fondet works to directly reduce the number of HIV incidences among groups who are particularly at risk in areas of the world where HIV prevalence is high on the one hand – and on the other to bring about change on a global and structural level that can make a dent in the global number of new infections.

We approach HIV from two sides:

shoulder to shoulder with the people most affected in parts of the world where HIV prevalence is high
face to face with people, organizations, and governments who can influence national and international agendas.

The grassroots level – our local partners

AIDS-Fondet works to reduce the number of HIV incidences among groups who are particularly at risk in areas of the world where HIV prevalence is high.

We work with and through local partners to empower marginalized populations to better protect themselves from HIV.

Through our partners we build the capacity of marginalized people and help amplify their voices to speak out against discrimination and violations of their rights.

First step of empowerment is very hands-on – it is about ensuring that as many vulnerable people as possible have access to information, prevention, health care and counselling. It is the strategic delivery of condoms, lubricants, HIV-testing, and legal aid.

In addition we aim to empower the people we work with and help create a level playing field so that they can take informed action, fight injustice, and speak up and be heard. So that they are not being kept prisoners by their circumstances – and can bring about the change needed to break the bonds that limit them, oppress them, and keep them at the fringes of society.

To make them masters of their own destiny.


We give those without a platform a stage to stand on and welcome people from the margins of society to come to the centre. Everyone has a voice – everyone has a right to be heard.

Peer educator explains testing in Kampala

The global level

AIDS-Fondet engages in political processes in Denmark and internationally to advocate for sustained and increased attention to HIV – and for a fully funded AIDS response.

Because at the end of the day, the path to large-scale and lasting change goes through the halls of power. Funding to fight AIDS is of great importance – but political commitment and will to direct the efforts and support new and innovative solutions are also needed.

From poverty-stricken, high-density suburbs of Kampala and Lilongwe to corridors of power and influence in New York, Geneva, or Copenhagen.

We talk to decision-makers to push for an ambitious and human rights-based approach in the fight to end the global HIV epidemic – and we work closely with strategic partners to promote solutions or strategies that we believe can play an important role in ending the AIDS epidemic once and for all.

Targeting the most vulnerable groups

AIDS Fondet’s international work targets girls and young women as well as key populations in parts of the world that are most affected by the ongoing AIDS epidemic.

They are more vulnerable to HIV than the general population and the positive gains of the fight against HIV take the longest to manifest in these groups.

They are often marginalised by their own governments and are frequently left out of mainstream HIV prevention efforts. The result is a disproportionally high HIV prevalence among members of these groups.

We work to highlight, promote, and safeguard their universal rights and address their needs where public measures fail to do so.

We work to ensure that no one is left behind.