How we work

Our work is based on recommendations by WHO and UNAIDS as well as years of experience.

The Danish AIDS Foundation’s support is generally designed to do three things – to inform, to ensure full health coverage for all, and to change and remove laws, mindsets and socio-economic barriers for the people we work with.

For a dignified life, free of discrimination, where the people we work with enjoy their rights and are free to love the people they want.

  1. Mobilise key populations to disseminate knowledge about HIV/AIDS and demand access to health services;
  2. Ensure access to stigma-free health services of the highest attainable quality;
  3. Remove structural barriers to effective prevention and treatment, such as criminalisation, discrimination and stigmatisation based on legal, cultural and/or socio-economic grounds.

Our approach

How we work is based on recommendations by WHO and UNAIDS as well as years of experience – ours as well as our partners’ – working with grassroots organisations to address the needs of vulnerable groups.

Since key populations are often forced underground by stigma and violence and are difficult to reach with mainstream information and prevention efforts, we enable key population communities to disseminate knowledge and information tailor-made to promote safe sex practices and health-seeking behavior in the same populations.

One of the most serious barriers to health-seeking behaviour among key populations is fear of stigma and discrimination from the health system itself.

We therefore also target public health systems with advocacy and training to increase their knowledge of HIV and strengthen their capacity to stigma-free health services to key populations.

Last but not least we address structural barriers to effective prevention and treatment, such as criminalisation as well as social and religious condemnation of homosexuality, sex work and other practices that transgress mainstream perceptions of acceptable behaviour.

We work politically and practically towards the removal of harmful laws and practices with the objective of protecting key populations against violations and attacks. And we work with networks of traditional and religious leaders towards inclusion and acceptance of key populations in society.

Leaving no one behind

The Danish AIDS Foundation’s international work targets girls and young women as well as key populations in parts of the world that are most affected by the ongoing AIDS epidemic.

They more vulnerable to HIV than the general population. They are the groups in which the positive gains of the fight against HIV take the longest to manifest.

They are often marginalised by their own governments and are frequently left out of mainstream HIV prevention efforts.

The result is a disproportionally high HIV prevalence in these groups.

We work to highlight, promote, and safeguard their universal rights and address their needs where public measures fail to do so.

We work to ensure that no one is left behind.