Trading along Kiambu Road, Kenya. CREDIT: Mikkel Poulsen

Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF)

HRAPF was founded in 2008 to create awareness on human rights among duty-bearers and rights-holders.

Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) was founded in 2008 to create awareness on human rights among duty-bearers and rights-holders and to provide legal support to the most marginalised groups in Uganda.

HRAPF offers free legal support to Key Populations (LINK to The People at Risk), people living with HIV, and people seeking land justice.

HRAPF teaches health care providers about human rights in order to reduce discrimination of key populations.

In addition, HRAPF has taken the lead on the coordination of all recent cases of strategic litigation on LGBT persons’ rights in Uganda and in the East African Court of Justice, including coordinating the case that led to the annulment of the Anti-Homosexuality Act in 2014.

HRAPF works closely with state institutions like the Uganda Human Rights Commission, Uganda Police Force, the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Judiciary.

HRAPF’s activities fall within four thematic areas:

  • Access to Justice – to improve access to justice, HRAPF has set up a free, specialized and licensed legal aid clinic for KPs and other vulnerable groups. It also hosts “legal camps” to create awareness on human rights.
  • Research and Advocacy – HRAPF carries out research on rights violations and analysis of policies and laws and conducts advocacy campaigns to influence policies and laws. HRAPF engages in national, regional, and international advocacy activities.
  • Community Capacity Enhancement – HRAPF trains both duty-bearers and rights-holders on laws and rights – and trains paralegals to expand the impact of the training.
  • Institutional Development – HRAPF assists organisations with low capacity to register and fulfill statutory obligations, in order help create a strong civil society.