Global Fund: AIDS-Fondet applauds the contributions from the Nordic countries

07. Oktober 2016
Millions of children have been born hiv-free. The Global Fund is largely responsible for PMTCT treatment becoming available.
This weekend, world leaders gathered in Montreal to pledge their contributions to Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. 

The 5th replenishment of the Global Fund, the primary funding mechanism for fighting the three diseases AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, totaled USD 12.9 billion, almost meeting the funding target of USD 13 million. Extraordinary commitments from philanthropist, private sector and governments, including Kenya and other African states, have made this possible.

For the last year, Nordic civil society organizations have worked together to advocate for the continued support to the Global Fund from the Nordic governments. AIDS-Fondet, the Danish AIDS Foundation, is very pleased to see the joint work come to fruition at the replenishment conference.

Nordic contributions increase overall

The Norwegian government increased its contribution to the Global Fund by 18%, pledging a total of NOK 2 billion. The Swedish pledge stayed at generous SEK 2,5 billion. Denmark, the only Nordic country to reduce its level of contribution, pledged DKK 300 million.

“The leadership and global solidarity shown by the Nordic donors, especially Norway and Sweden, is very welcome. With the replenishment, the world now has a chance at meeting the target set out in The Sustainable Development Goals and to create opportunities for millions of the world’s most vulnerable, especially women and girls”, says Laura Kirkegaard, international director of AIDS-Fondet.

Investments in global health is sustainable development

Since its inception in 2002, The Global Fund has financed treatment and prevention of the three diseases and estimates to have saved 20 million lives. The new pledge of nearly USD 13 billion will:

·       Save up to 8 million lives, for a total of 30-32 million lives saved by 2020

·       Build on the results achieved and prevent the resurgence of the diseases

·       Avert 300 million new infections

·       Support partners in domestic investment of US$41 billion toward the three diseases

·       Deliver US$290 billion in economic gains


AIDS-Fondet thanks RFSU, RFSL, Hiv-Sverige, Världsinfektionsfonden, HivNorge, Sex & Politikk, LHL International, Hiv-Danmark, Børnefonden, and Positiiviset Ry for their collaboration.