Know your HIV status – take care of yourself and others.

Get an HIV test at Checkpoint – it’s fast, free and anonymous:

  • You can get tested without meeting others: book a test outside regular opening hours
  • It is fast: you will get the test-result within 5 minutes  
  • It is free  
  • It is anonymous: personal data will not be transferred to a third party without your consent  

How often should I get tested for HIV? 

If you are or have been regarded as a man and have sex with men, you should get tested for HIV regularly. The frequency depends on your sexual behavior: 

  • In general we recommend that you get tested at least once every year.  
  • If you have several male sex partners and don´t always use a condom, you should get tested every 3rd month. 
  • If you have a single sex-partner with whom you always use a condom, you should get tested for HIV once every year.  

If you have a single sex-partner who is living with HIV and is in treatment, or who is on PrEP, you cannot be infected with HIV, but it is a good idea to get tested for other sexually transmitted infections. In fact it is safer to

Call Checkpoint

Checkpoint can help you with questions regarding HIV, STIs and safer sex.  

Call Checkpoint at 33 91 11 19 
Monday - Friday 10 am – 2 am 
You can also book an HIV test outside the regular opening hours here.  

Need extra discretion?

If you would like to avoid meeting other clients in our waiting area, you are welcome to book a test outside our regular opening hours. (Checkpoint Copenhagen and Aarhus only)

have sex with persons who are living with HIV and in treatment and an undetectable viral load, than with persons who are uncertain of their HIV status.  

In doubt about how often you should get tested? Give us a call!

Read more about how HIV transmits. 

Read more on why you should get tested and how the test works. 

Counselling at Checkpoint  

We are a group of highly experienced counsellors who can guide you on how to protect yourself against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and/or help you evaluate the risk of HIV transmission if you are uncertain about whether you might have been at risk of contracting HIV.   

We offer counselling sessions: 

  • Face-to-face
  • Over the phone 
  • Boyfriend Chat - Checkpoint Test & Rådgivning

We speak Danish and English. If you wish, you are very welcome to bring a trusted person to help you with translation.   


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