HIV testing 

At Checkpoint you can get tested for HIV and syphilis and get free and anonymous counseling. You will get your test result within a few minutes.

At Checkpoint we offer you free and anonymous rapid HIV testing and counselling. 

Why get tested?

Today, HIV treatment is so effective that it can slow the disease progression enough to enable most HIV-positive people to live a normal and long life.

When you start HIV treatment in time, the medicine has the best possible conditions, and you will get the full benefit of the medicine with fewer side effects. 

What happens at Checkpoint?

At Checkpoint HIV testing is free and anonymous.

When you arrive at Checkpoint, you are welcomed by a counsellor who will inform you about HIV testing, and you can ask questions about the risks of infection, safe sex and other sexually transmitted infections.

The HIV test is a so-called rapid finger prick test: The counsellor gently pricks your finger with a small needle to collect a blood sample, which is then placed on the test kit.

Within 5 to 15 minutes, you will obtain the test result.

If the test is positive

If you are infected by the HIV virus, the test will be positive. Getting a positive HIV test result is of course unpleasant, and our counsellors will guide you on what to do. They will assist you with hospital procedures, where further tests are performed to determine the time and kind of treatment. 

The counselors will follow up with you as you receive your medication in order to help you cope with side effects and challenges, should there be any. Anyone living in Denmark has the right to receive free medication and therapy. At the AIDS Foundation, we provide free and confidential counselling and support for all our clients as long as they need it.